Business Loans

Business Loan

Baroda Business Loan (BBL)

Type of Facility

Demand Loan / Overdraft against charge on movable assets

Target Group

Small and Medium Entrepreneurs engaged in trading/manufacturing business activities.


  • Applicant firm should have satisfactory operative Current account with our bank at least for last three (3) months and no cheques are returned in the account for financial reasons.
  • Firm should be profit making for last two (2) consecutive financial years and it should be profit making at least for last one year.
  • Minimum net worth of firm should be Ugx 5 Mn. or double of the limit proposed, whichever is higher.


Finance for working capital in Business

Amount of Loan

Minimum Ugx 2 Mn.
Maximum Ugx 10 Mn.


Credit requirement is assessed at 15% of acceptable projected turnover subject to minimum margin of 5% on projected turnover.


PLR + 5% with monthly rests.


Demand Loan : Repayment depends on repaying capacity of borrowers subject to maximum -24- months with moratorium period of -3- months.

Overdraft : Subject to annual review.

* Interest rate is subject to change from time to time. View latest Interest Rate.
** For further details, contact any of our Branches in Uganda

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