International Banking

Bank of Baroda (Uganda) Limited is serving the people of Uganda since 1953. The state-of the-art Treasury has been made fully operational and independent since 2003. It is based at the Lower Ground Floor, Kampala Main Branch, 18 Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda. The Treasury Department of the bank continues to be an active participant in the Inter-Bank market. It aims at mobilizing resources at minimum cost for the bank and deploying the available surplus funds profitably in various Money Market instruments, Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds, etc. Asset Liability Management forms one of the important functions of the Treasury Department.

Bank of Baroda (Uganda) Limited is one of the six Primary Dealers approved by the Bank of Uganda to carry out the business of underwriting of Government debt and providing liquidity to the Government Securities Market. The main products, services offered through Treasury are:

Foreign Exchange

  • Transactions in Foreign exchange on behalf of customers on cash/spot basis in all major currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, INR etc against UGX.
  • Transactions in Foreign exchange on behalf of customers on forward basis are being developed subject to approved forward exchange limits as it is a derivative product.
  • Arranging FX funds for import transactions.
International Banking

Money Market & Government Securities

  • Management of Interbank liabilities and large customer fixed deposit liabilities.
  • Management of liquidity gaps in Balance Sheet and management of interest rate risk.
  • Key inputs to Asset Liability Management Committee of Board.
  • Market making & Trading in Government Securities (Treasury Bills & Bonds).
  • Assist in opening Central Depository System(CDS) accounts of customers at BOU.
  • Bid for Treasury bills and Bonds on behalf of customers.

Address : Treasury Department, Bank of Baroda (Uganda) Limited,
Lower Ground Floor, 18 Kampala Road,
PO Box 7197, Kampala, Uganda.
Fax : +256 414 256263
Email :

** For further details, contact any of our Branches in Uganda.

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