Loan Against Future Rent Receivables

Baroda Loan Against Future Rent Receivables

Loan Amount

Maximum Ugx 5 (five) Billion or US$ (Two) Million.
(The loan can be in Ugx/US$ depending on the currency of the rent received)


General Business/ Personal needs
(Not for speculative or any other illegal activity)


Owners who have let out or propose to let out their land ,premises, warehouses, show rooms to reputed companies, multi national companies, banks , public sector Undertakings, Established commercial organizations, institutions, Government, Quasi Government Departments, Bonded Warehouses.

Landlords of Bank of Baroda (U) Ltd Branch, office premises, Residential flats, houses leased out to Bank of Baroda (U) Ltd.


50% of Lease rental due and receivable, (net of tax, advance rent and security deposit) for the residual period of confirmed lease period and the option period. (for the purpose of assessment of limit the option period should not be more than 1/3rd of the residual lease period).

The total monthly deductions (EMI and taxes etc) not to exceed 70% of the rent receivables.

Amount of Loan

For loan in Ugx @ 2% over prime lending rate with monthly rests subject to change from time to time.
For loan in US$ Over 6months US$ LIBOR minimum 10% p.a with monthly rests subject to change from time to time

Processing Charges

@ 1.5% of the sanctioned amount one time upfront at the time of sanction.

Loan Period

Loan upto maximum period of 5(five) years { depending on period of lease}.
Repayment will commence one month after first disbursement.


Legal mortgage of leased property.
Registration of the lease deed is compulsory.

* Interest rate is subject to change from time to time. View latest Interest Rate.
** For further details, please contact nearest Branches of Bank of Baroda (U) Ltd.

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