Short-term Loan

Short-term Loan

Short-term Finance to Corporates

Type of Facility

Clean Demand Loan


  • Corporate body incorporated for more than 5 years.
  • Net worth over ugx 500 Mn. as per latest audited balance sheet.
  • Profit making company for last 3 consecutive financial years and no arrears of any tax liability.
  • Minimum current ratio 1 and above.
  • Companies engaged in coffee processing/agriculture cultivation are not eligible.


To facilitate corporate to bridge cash flow on short term basis

  • Sanction under the scheme will be separated from existing facilities granted to the company.
  • The facility under the scheme is not granted for liquidating existing borrowings with our bank.

Amount of Loan

Minimum Ugx 250 Million
Maximum Ugx 1000 Million


3 to 6 months. Initially loan will be for 90 days and its rollover permitted up to a maximum of 180 days as per request.

* Interest rate is subject to change from time to time. View latest Interest Rate.
** For further details, contact any of our Branches in Uganda

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